P3 can work with your company to improve its ability to attract, develop and retain top talent. Our resources include Interview Training, Salary Benchmarking, Psychometric Testing and Exit Interviews.

Interview Training

Just how do you interview someone? What questions can and should you ask? P3 can tailor an interview training program to improve your skills in this area.

We can assist with:

  • How to structure an interview
  • The questions you can and can’t ask
  • Best-practice hiring
  • Behavioural interview techniques

Salary Benchmarking

Just what salary is expected for the position you wish to fill? What will you need to offer to attract the best people from their current position?

These are the sorts of questions P3’s salary benchmarking service can answer. We’ll bring you up to speed on market value for the position you’re recruiting for. And all our information is current and specific to the real estate and property industry, so there’s never any comparing apples with oranges.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews – as the name suggests – are interviews held with employees that are leaving your organisation. They are a great way to get feedback on what they did and didn’t like about their employment, what areas they think need to be addressed in the company, and simply what it takes to do the job. P3 is able provide a confidential exit interview service for our clients. When a third party is involved, employees tend to be more open with their feedback. It’s a quick, low-cost way to ‘check the temperature’ of your organisation.

The benefits also include:

  • Holding on to vital knowledge when employees leave
  • Reducing the learning curve for new employees
  • Understanding the reason for departure, and using this information to develop future retention strategies
  • Giving the exiting employee a more positive outlook on their time with your company

Psychometric Testing

P3 can offer a psychological testing service for all your potential candidates – measuring their characteristics, drive and other psychological aspects. It’s a further way to help determine if the candidate would fit well into the role being offered, and into your company culture.

We use a system called ‘Caliper’. It’s far from a simple computer-generated result sheet. It’s written by expert evaluators who are able to put the responses into context. From there, we can give you feedback about how appropriate a candidate is for the role, as all our consultants have been trained by Caliper.

We can also offer an Interview Guide based on the results, to help you probe further any problem areas the test indicates.