Database search

With P3, you have a database of thousands of potential candidates at your disposal. A large proportion of these are pre-qualified candidates, interested in new career opportunities, or willing to discuss the ‘right’ job if it arises.

We also record the details of outstanding individuals we’ve found in the course of our networking and research activities.

Our database is constantly being updated to ensure our information is always current. And we have a multi-layered coding system, to help us easily align your requirements with the candidates’ skills and experience.


When you need to fill a senior or particularly specialised role, often the only way is to actively seek them out. We use the ‘Search’ method to find candidates who meet your requirements, but who are in short supply in the market, or who may not be actively considering a career move.

Working closely with you, we’re able to identify companies within the industry where the individuals we’re looking for may be found. From there, further background research into the appropriate candidates can reveal if they are likely to fit your individual needs. When we find matches, a direct and confidential approach is made. P3 meets with the candidates, assesses their suitability, briefs them on the opportunity with your business, and then arranges for you to meet with those shortlisted. And of course, we provide you with a report detailing our impressions on each candidate.

‘Search’ is our primary speciality. We have an extensive network of industry contacts, and a tenacious approach which has seen our largest number of placements come from this method – something we’re especially proud of.