Jo Halavazis

“Danielle was amazing throughout the entire process, finding me the perfect role that suited the job description that I was searching for. She helped me find my dream job in my first interview! Thank you so much Danielle & the P3 team!”

Montana Jones

November 2018 

“P3 Recruitment is definitely the best recruitment firm for the Real Estate industry. Gemma and Caroline were really a pleasure to deal with. I got constant updates from them about jobs available, prompt interviews with firms, and always got a call before and after interviews to make sure I am well prepared and to take feedback on how it went. They got me a temp job immediately after I spoke to them through a FaceTime interview (as time was short for a face-to-face interview). They then helped me convert that temp job to a permanent role which I was really gunning for.

They work really hard to find you a job and are extremely professional in their approach to it as well. I would highly recommend those who are seriously looking to make a career in Real Estate to meet them, as they not only help you find a job, but also help you map a proper career to ensure your long-term success in the industry. Thank you so much Gemma and Caroline!”

Ayush Jain

November 2018

“Caroline got me my dream role within 3 days of meeting her. She was extremely attentive to my career goals, guided me with amazing feedback with interviews, and went above and beyond to secure my job. I can’t recommend P3 Recruitment enough!”

Adal Portelli 

November 2018 

“Gemma has been great and the most attentive. Was able to find me a job straight away!”

Maria Haralovic

November 2018 

“Blown away at the professionalism and determination of P3. The entire staff were outstanding however I feel Gemma went above and beyond to help secure me the very best opportunities. I am very grateful for all the hard work Gemma is doing. Thank you!”

Mary El Khoury 

November 2018 

“Danielle was amazing! I phoned her as I saw a job on SEEK and from the first minute I spoke to her, she made me feel comfortable at a very anxious time, wasn’t pushy, lined up an interview and prepped me for the interview. She followed me up after the interview and stayed in contact with feedback. She never harassed me on the phone as she knew I was still working at my current job. I was lucky enough to get the job and have Danielle to thank for that! I would highly recommend her and P3 Recruitment for your job search!”

Ellen Maybury 

November 2018 

“Highly recommend P3 Recruitment, specifically Caroline Stark. Caroline listened to me and did fabulous follow ups in a prompt, consistent, professional but very friendly manner. I’m extremely happy in my new job. Thank you.”

Victoria Rossetto

November 2018 

“When I came across P3 Recruitment I was very surprised by how professional and attentive they are. I had the pleasure of dealing with Danielle and her approach was phenomenal. They truly match people to their perfect jobs in the real estate industry. I would highly recommend the team at P3 Recruitment to anyone who is looking for work in real estate. They keep their promises and always follow up, even after you get your dream job they will make sure that you are happy and settling in well. It was a real pleasure to deal with Danielle and the P3 Recruitment team.”

Olga Munoz

November 2018 

“I absolutely loved working with Stefanie who landed me with my dream job. She called to wish me luck before interviews and called straight afterwards to see how they went and also called a few weeks into the job to see how I was going. I will definitely be recommending P3.”

Phoebe Burns

November 2018

“Gemma has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has been nothing but understanding and more than helpful throughout the whole process of my transition. Very efficient in finding my perfect role and company. Within a week she had helped me find exactly what I was looking for. She was also very helpful in giving me great advice and the reassurance I needed about resigning from my previous role. Thank you so much Gemma, I really appreciate your work and effort.”

Veronica Plese

October 2018

“Excellent and very helpful advice from Stefanie and her team, I can’t recommend anyone other than Stefanie!”

Jayden Nguyen

October 2018

“Gemma was just amazing to deal with. She constantly kept me updated unlike most talent managers I’ve dealt with in the past (with different companies). She’s such a warm person and made me feel very comfortable when I met her the first time. She is very professional in the way she deals with her clients. She made sure to make me feel more confident and less nervous by calling up right before my interview. I would definitely recommend Gemma to anyone looking for a job in the property industry.”

Vaanika Kochar

October 2018

“Gemma is the best, I got referred to her by Danielle who made sure I was speaking to the right person. Gemma is a straight shooter who will match you to the right role, not just anywhere. She’s a true professional and will deliver what she promises. I had a great experience with P3.”

Nelson Kim

October 2018 

Dealing with P3 Recruitment has been an experience free from worry. I’m very impressed by the professional service that Caroline and Gemma provided throughout our recruitment process to find the best suitable candidate. They really understand the key criteria and philosophy of the role and sourced excellent staff for interview very efficiently.

The vacant position that we were looking to fill is not an easy position, but most of the candidates referred to us were very high quality and the information that Caroline and Gemma have shared with them is highly aligned with our business. I will definitely recommend P3 Recruitment if your business has a vacancy.”

Yiran Li, Visionary Investment Group

October 2018

“Gemma and the team at P3 have been an absolute delight to work with. Throughout the entire process of securing a new position she has been professional, diligent, friendly and approachable. She has made the transition effortless and is a true professional. Thank you for your support, you are a star in your industry.”

Karla Major 

September 2018 

“Danielle and Fleur are both just amazing at what they do. Within 7 days of having an interview I had a job all thanks to them. Highly recommend both of them and P3 Recruitment, I will always go back to them whether looking to move on or get an assistant. Thank you so much for making the experience great and easy!!”

Neil Moorjani

September 2018

“Danielle was fantastic to deal with. Always prompt with communication and had my best interest at heart. She has placed me in a fantastic role and was always transparent. Even whilst on annual leave the process was seamless as her colleague Stefanie was able to assist and was fantastic also. Thankful for the opportunity Danielle helped me achieve!”

Vanessa Macdonald 

September 2018 

“Caroline was amazing and extremely helpful in securing me my first role within the real estate industry. I had my new role within a week. She always kept me updated and matched me with an employer where I will be able to learn and grow. I highly recommend Caroline and P3 Recruitment. Thank you so much.”

Carlos Di Martino 

September 2018

“I found Gemma to be very professional and helpful in assisting me to find the role I was looking for. I would definitely recommend her.”

Kristy Nagle

August 2018 

“Fleur, Danielle & Stefanie, along with the whole team at P3 recruitment are amazing! They had my genuine best interests at heart, discussing my preferences in term’s of company’s I would ideally like to work with, potential roles that I would like to undertake, whilst also factoring in my goals and where I want to be in my career path in the long term.

I became involved with P3 recruitment on Thursday 26th of July, having a meeting with them at midday. They organised several interviews that afternoon and the next day, and within just over a 24-hour turn-around period, I was accepting a job offer. Undertaking a role with an exceptional company, I can honestly say they secured me my dream job.

These ladies guided me throughout the entire process, calling me prior to each interview to give advice and after each interview to see how it went and what my preferences were in regards to which job I was leaning towards more. They listened and outlined the tasks I was capable of undertaking and worked to fit me with a company and an employer that they thought I would best suit.

The service and process that they provide is truly exceptional and I could not recommend P3 recruitment enough! I am starting next week and am beyond excited! I could not have secured this job without them!”

Tanesha Hawkeswood

August 2018 

“I would 100% recommend P3 Recruitment. Stefanie Carrozza found me the perfect job within a few short weeks. She is super efficient and professional. She prepped me perfectly for my interviews and helped me throughout the whole process. I would recommend her for anyone looking for a position as she found me the perfect position tailored to every criteria I had given her. Super lovely to work with, I am very grateful. Thank you Stef!”

Elle Etherington 

August 2018 

“Very happy with the professionalism and support through the whole process. Gemma Palfreyman was excellent and great to deal with, highly recommend the P3 team.”

Cathan Forbes

August 2018

“I secured a position through P3 Recruitment in 3 days. Stefanie Carrozza has done a fantastic job in working with me throughout the process. She is very efficient and helpful with a very pleasant personality. I really appreciate Stefanie’s help. I would recommend P3 Recruitment and Stefanie to whoever needs their services.”

Veronica Gao 

August 2018 

“Professional, fast and to the point. A refreshing approach and a pleasure to work with.”

Alexander Forbes

August 2018

“My experience with P3 was second to none. Throughout the whole process from the initial interview through to my successful employment in the real estate industry, I was treated with the highest level of transparency and efficiency. My recruiter Danielle Creevey was genuine and always kept my interests at heart, completely understanding my specific needs and ensuring that she was placing me with the ‘perfect match’. I have no hesitation in recommending P3 and Danielle to both job seekers and employers.”

Taylor Jones

July 2018 

“Danielle was fantastic to work with! The entire process was about two weeks from interview to when I accepted the job offer. She is professional and caring, checking up to see how things are going, how each interaction went and even after I have started, she called up to see how my first week was going and making sure I was happy. I would highly recommend Danielle and P3 Recruitment!”

Lily Tran 

June 2018 

“I can’t speak highly enough of Gemma Palfreyman! Gemma was on the ball from start to finish. I felt she understood me and the type of agency/role I was looking for immediately. If you’re looking for a proactive recruiter with quality real estate industry clients and roles, Gemma and P3 are the people to chat to.”

Christine Coulton

June 2018

“What a pleasant experience with Danielle and Fleur which I did not come across with other agencies! They are so friendly and made me feel at ease during the whole process. I really appreciated their strong industry networks in which they connected me with what I felt was the right next career move for me. Their professionalism and service I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a job opportunity in the real estate industry.”

Meimei Chau

June 2018

“Absolutely first rate. I tried the other agencies, just come her first. Danielle is exceptional.”

Samuel Petrou

May 2018

“No words can express how grateful I am that I met Danielle & Fleur from P3 Recruitment. I am a person who constantly feels moments of self-doubt, particularly so when it comes to a career change in my mid-30s. Probably sensing my self-doubt, Danielle and Fleur have been very understanding, encouraging and supportive throughout the recruitment process, always saying things to motivate me and relinquish my unnecessary worries.

Other than giving useful interview tips, they also constantly followed up with each step along the recruitment process, and keep reminding me of things that I might have overlooked. Having worked with numerous recruiters throughout my job-search, I felt that what set Danielle & Fleur apart from other recruiters was their great eye for identifying a candidate’s talent and abilities, looking for a perfect match for the candidate, and their determination to help the candidate out. I am deeply touched by how much they have done for me to get this job. I am even more impressed by their efficiency in landing me a great job offer with a very prestigious agency in a superb suburb considering that I have no experience in real estate at all!

Danielle & Fleur from P3 Recruitment are absolutely amazing! They are very passionate and very good at what they do. I highly recommend P3 Recruitment to all employers and job seekers in the real estate industry. With these girls’ help, you are on the right track and anything is possible!”

Ophelia Huang

May 2018 

“Very companionate and professional. Thank you Gemma!”

Jacklyn Tang

May 2018

“To say that my experience with P3 Recruitment, specifically Caroline Stark was exceptional would be an understatement. At the time of my search I was dealing with 5 recruiters, and Caroline outdid all of them combined. She followed up consistently, brought every possible option to me, was so organised and prompt, she went above and beyond. Again, I couldn’t be happier and cannot explain my excitement to start my new role. Thank you times a million!”

Sarah Kerr

May 2018

“Gemma Palfreyman from P3 Recruitment is amazing! She really listened and guided me through the process, which is something I hadn’t had from recruitment agencies in the past. I would definitely recommend using P3 Recruitment to anyone looking for their dream job, I was placed about 4 months ago now and I still regularly hear from Gemma to check in if things are going well. I have even recommended her to close friends as well. Thank you for everything Gemma.”

Carly Wayman

May 2018

“Recently, P3 Recruitment agency helped me get the position I have always wanted. They guided me through all the way and without them I would not have been able to join this company. Danielle and Fleur, thank you so much for all your help, you are both so professional.”

Calvin Chan

May 2018

“I had a fantastic experience with Danielle & Fleur! They were very thorough in helping me through the process, following up with regular updates, and providing sound advice. However I think their greatest strength is their eye for connecting the right kinds of people together which they certainly did in my situation. I can recommend their level of professionalism and service over and above any other recruiter in the industry!”

Simon Salotti

May 2018

“I could write a novel on how great the team at P3 are, they are the millionaire matchmakers of the real estate recruitment industry. Gemma is an absolute god send who worked to the bone to find me the right position to suit my needs, communication and customer service is a solid 11/10. Caroline and Fleur run a well oiled machine. If you are looking anywhere else with real estate recruitment you’re looking in the wrong place. P3 are your golden ticket. Thanks again everyone, I am your number #1 fan.”

Taylah Moss

May 2018

“I just wanted to say a massive thanks to Caroline and the team from P3 Recruitment. Caroline was very supportive and listened to exactly what I was looking for in my next role. She was able to schedule me an interview that fitted into my current work schedule and within one week was able to help me secure the perfect role! I would definitely recommend P3 Recruitment for anyone looking for their next role. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

Charles Khoudair

May 2018 

“They are very professional and they always take prompt actions. Not only to help you to hire people or find a job, but they always pursue a long-term relationship and the greater good for both employees and employers. The real estate industry needs more people like them.”

Lei Wang

May 2018

“I met Caroline for the first time a few months ago when applying for a new role. I ended up staying at my current agency for a few more months as the offers that came up were not as suitable for me as I had hoped for. Caroline kept in contact, working hard to continue her search for a better suited role for me which she succeeded in by being patient, not too pushy, extremely kind and helpful. I have spoken and worked with various recruiters and I can say with confidence that Caroline’s attitude and work ethic was what helped me make my decision. She is trustworthy and reliable which is why I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for someone to take the hard work out of looking for a new job!”

Jasmine So

May 2018 

“Fleur and her team at P3 have been amazing to deal with. When it came to changing careers, I don’t think I could have dealt with a more professional and proactive company. They listened and matched me with the most appropriate employer. I recommend anyone looking at going forward in the real estate industry to make a call to P3.”

Alex Wallner 

May 2018

“P3 Recruitment are fantastic and I would highly recommend them! Caroline Stark was a pleasure to work with and was extremely helpful every step of the way.”

Rebecca Ibrahim

May 2018

“Fleur from P3 was great! She worked on a very short time frame and exposed me to some great job opportunities. Highly recommend speaking to her if you need any assistance with your job search.”

Vivek Tailor

April 2018

“I can’t even begin to explain how extremely grateful and blessed I am that I met Danielle and Fleur from P3 Recruitment. The decision to start looking for a new work placement for me was very daunting as I had been with my work place for many years but I was ready to make a change and take the next step in my professional career.

I had not had an interview or applied for a role for YEARS, the guidance, information, tips and preparation Danielle provided me with was amazing and really calmed my nerves prior to my first interview. Waiting for the feedback from my initial interview I was an absolute mess and very nervous to hear how I went. Even when Danielle didn’t have the feedback straight away she still would call me and calm me and ensure me that everything would be fine.

Once I received my interview feedback and I managed to secure a second interview, I was over the moon! Danielle then listened to me while I brainstormed ideas on what to present portfolio wise to the second interview and provided me with constructive feedback on my thoughts.

Prior to my second interview Danielle called me numerous times to touch base with me to see how everything was going, if I had any questions, and how I was feeling, and for me personally, this grounded me and really got my head in the right place for my second interview. After my second interview I was super excited and called Danielle straight away (even though it was 7pm at night she still answered!) and she was just as excited as I was.

The next day I received the job offer and both Danielle and Fleur called my basically screaming with excitement. The amount of support from these ladies was overwhelming. They were without a doubt my rock through this entire process.

There are some recruitment companies that really push the boundaries and don’t really care about you as to them you are perceived as ‘just another candidate’, and trust me there are some seriously unprofessional recruitment companies out there. I can tell you that Danielle and Fleur are not like that at all.

Danielle & Fleur were extremely professional at all times, they are the most genuine people to deal with and I truly felt like they really wanted to help me. I could not have gone through this experience without these ladies, and I cannot recommend them enough. These ladies are amazing at what they do, and I seriously would now consider them friends of mine after this process.

If you either an employer looking to find someone new to start at your company, or you are a candidate looking to change roles, I would give these ladies a call because I can think of no one better to do business with who actually cares about your business or you as a person more. They will take you under their wing and treat you like family.

Thank you Danielle and Fleur for absolutely everything, I could not have done this without you and I could not be happier with the outcome!”

Sheridan Chaplin

April 2018

“P3 is the best recruitment consultancy I have worked with. Fleur and Danielle are fantastic to deal with. Very professional, considerate, knowledgeable and trustworthy with great personal touch. I always knew where I stood with potential employers and which other companies I should consider and why. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a great position!”

Philip Yakubovsky

April 2018

“P3 Recruitment is absolutely amazing!!! I can’t thank Danielle enough for all her support through the entire process. She helped me secure a new position. Danielle is very professional and comfortable to deal with. She guided me through the interview patiently. I would highly recommend Danielle from P3 Recruitment to everyone!! I really appreciated her support and advice. Thank you Danielle!”

Selvi Loefti

April 2018

“I cannot thank Gemma enough for all her help through securing me a position. I have spoken to a bunch of recruiters in my time and no one has listened to what I wanted more than Gemma, I would recommend her and the team at P3 100 times over again!! Gemma and the team listened and genuinely made the experience so pleasant and made me feel so comfortable in securing the right position for me! Thank you so much Gemma!!!”

Emilie Perdiago

April 2018

“I’m very pleased to recommend Caroline Stark as a Recruitment Consultant. I really liked Caroline’s attitude since the first day she contacted me for an interview. During the time that she has helped me with the recruitment process, I found Caroline very friendly, helpful and understanding. She really listened to what I was looking for, and helped me with everything to start my new career in the real estate industry. I definitely recommend Caroline and her team at P3 Recruitment. They have restored my faith in agencies, making me feel like an individual rather than just another number looking for a new job. I’m sure that her efficiency and support will help other candidates to find a good job and also to have this important support that I had.”

Juliana Santos

March 2018

“From the first handshake between Gemma and myself, I knew then and there that I was in fantastic hands and well on my way to the perfect role! And that is exactly what happened, I could not be happier with the service and professionalism that Gemma has given me. I am now in a role that I love getting up in the morning and going to! Thank you so much P3 for all the hard work and effort you have put into getting me exactly where I want to be. Gemma truly does go that extra mile to ensure her clients are always happy! Thank You!”

Aleks Todorovic

March 2018

“Danielle assisted in a highly professional manner and secured me a position with an incredibly prestigious firm. Her tenacity and persistence is highly commendable and I would strongly recommend her for others to benefit from the service she provides.”

Michael Jones

February 2018

“I had never dealt with a recruiter before but Fleur Buffier was recommended to me by a friend in the industry, and I can’t imagine where I would be without her. Leaving my previous job of close to 4 years, I was unsure of what direction I wanted to take. Fleur took the time to learn about who I was and what my strengths were, and essentially helped me create my ideal role, which she then went out and found. Fleur’s personal connections within the industry meant she was able to approach top businesses who weren’t actively recruiting, providing me with opportunities I would not otherwise have had. Fleur worked tirelessly to ensure we found the perfect job for me and kept me updated throughout the entire process – talking nearly everyday. In the end, Fleur was able to convince a company (who did not really have the capacity to hire someone new at the time) to give me a job, and I couldn’t be happier. I never felt the slightest bit rushed or pressured because Fleur truly cares about each of her candidates and will never push you into something she doesn’t whole heartedly believe is the perfect fit. If you are looking for a new job, or maybe unsure of exactly what direction you want, talk to miracle-worker Fleur today!”

Eliza Fitzpatrick

February 2018

“Caroline and Gemma at P3 are delightful to work with. Not only were they efficient to find a job for me, they also guided me through interviews patiently and matched my skills and my interests with companies to ensure I am at the right place. Thank you!”

Wes Lo

February 2018

“Gemma Palfreyman has worked so hard on finding me my dream job. I owe everything to Gemma, warm, kind and understanding. I would recommend P3 and Gemma Palfreyman to everyone.”

Rodney Scurrell

January 2018

“I had such a great experience with P3. Gemma assisted me through the whole process and really ensured she could help find the right place for me and to suit my requirements!”

Shanelle Dervish

January 2018

“Who thought finding the right job would be so pleasant! Thanks to Danielle and P3 for placing me in an amazing job after Just one meeting and a single interview. You guys are awesome!”

Jason Karaky

January 2018

“Very happy with the new job. Thanks to Fleur for all her professional advice and caring personality. Fleur will never push you to make decisions but will provide helpful advice. It’s very comfortable to work with Fleur. I will recommend Fleur to anyone who is thinking of making a change and has ten thousand “What if’s.” Speak to Fleur and you will be on the right track!!”

Ming Zhang

January 2018

“Danielle Creevey is the best recruitment consultant that I have worked with. Professional, considerate and extremely organised, I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to secure their dream role – with Danielle’s support anything is possible!”

Kate Smith

January 2018

“Highly recommend P3. Caroline was fantastic and very professional. She listened to what I was looking for and delivered!”

Jordan Cole

January 2018

“I met with Gemma just over a month ago after leaving my last job. I had seen a few other recruiters and none were as genuinely interested in finding me the right job as she was. Gemma wasn’t there to get me a million interviews, she was there to help me find my perfect job. Gemma got back to me within the same day and lined up an interview with who I now work for. Within minutes after my interview she called me. I didn’t have to follow her up once, she was updating me the entire time. And after that one interview, I am now in the best job I’ve ever had. I highly recommend P3, they are the best recruiters I’ve ever come across. Especially Gemma!”

Madison Richards

December 2017

“Would highly recommend Danielle, she was extremely easy and professional to deal with throughout the whole process. She listened to what I wanted and made sure I was placed in the perfect role. Thank you.”

Tatjana Marjanovic

December 2017

“The best recruitment agency I know. They work hard to assist you in finding the right position and company. Answering questions quickly and provide helpful suggestions. Really appreciated their help.”

Raymond Liu

December 2017

“Fleur and the team were fantastic to deal with and almost made job hunting fun (almost!). P3 were always responsive, kept me up to date and made sure I knew where I stood with potential employers. They were my own personal cheer squad, going out of their way to get me in front of the right people and securing the perfect role for my skills and experience and a culture fit that was spot on. Couldn’t recommend the team highly enough, easily the best recruiters I’ve worked with across three continents.”

Kim Pilkington

November 2017

“I highly recommend P3 Recruitment, in particular Fleur Buffier. Not only does Fleur provide excellent and honest advice but she actively listens to your needs and wants and strives to get the best possible outcome. I have had experiences with larger ‘volume based’ recruitment companies and by far Fleur has been the best as she provides such a highly personalised service and she actually cares about her work. Fleur is a truly genuine, passionate and hard working woman and with her ’round the clock’ help I landed a fantastic role after 8 months of searching with different recruiters. I had recently lost hope in recruiters however Fleur has certainly changed my mind, although I will now only use her and the team at P3 for all my future recruitment needs. Thank you Fleur!”

Annabelle Webb

November 2017

“Caroline is a star! I could not thank her enough. Not only did she get 2 amazing job offers for me within a week, but also helped me through the tough decision of choosing which role was best for me. I definitely recommend P3 Recruitment!”

Marina Corvalan

November 2017

“Caroline’s service throughout the recruitment process was a display of excellence and professionalism. It began with her promptness. Within an hour of applying online I received a phone call with a meeting arranged for two days later. Within half an hour of this initial meeting, Caroline phoned me back. She had already arranged an interview with an employer on that very day. Late that afternoon Caroline called me again with detailed feedback from the employer. From that point onward Caroline provided me with regular progress updates, as well as other prospects. Her promptness, efficiency and approachability made my recruitment journey with the employer stress free and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Caroline’s and P3 Recuritment services.”

Vishnu Alapati

November 2017

“If you’re looking for a professional, efficient, committed, friendly and honest recruitment firm with excellent industry contacts and positions vacant then look no further! From my initial contact and introduction to P3, to their success in securing me with a new position (which I love), I could not fault P3. I predominately dealt with Director Fleur and found her to be direct and honest, giving me great feedback and constructive advice.

I also dealt with Associate Director Caroline who went to what I’d consider extra lengths to text me prior to my interviews, calling afterwards and was fast in her feedback and in arranging second and third interviews leading to my successful appointment.

P3 were a pleasure to work with and I’d use them when recruiting in a heartbeat and would recommend them to a candidate seeking a new position without hesitation. Thank you Ladies, from a very happy candidate! Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re unique in the recruitment world!”

Joanne Griffiths

October 2017

“Caroline was very professional and efficient. The outcome achieved was more than I imagined. Thanks for your help and for making the process smooth and non stressful.”

Toni Vassilich

October 2017

“The wonderful and polite, Danielle. It was very nice to meet such a wonderful recruitment professional – who not only asked relevant questions but also listened to my answers. I recommend Danielle and her team for any real estate recruitment positions.”

Raphael Tarazy

September 2017

“My name is Justen Beashel and I recently moved to Sydney to live with my partner. I went to P3 Recruitment in the hope to quickly find work in the real estate industry (or at the very least seek some professional advice). I couldn’t have been treated any better! The utmost care and professionalism was taken to ensure I came away from my interview with Caroline Stark and the rest of the staff at P3 Recruitment with a positive mindset going forward. On top of that, with their help and guidance I managed to land a job interview that very same day with an amazing agency in Dee Why, NSW.
Long story short, I’m now gainfully employed and loving every second of it! I couldn’t have done this without Caroline Stark and the staff at P3’s help, so thank you!”

Justen Beashel

August 2017

“I can not thank Caroline enough. She is honestly the most professional recruiter I have come across. I was lucky enough to secure a new job so quickly and Caroline made the process run so smoothly. She is very genuine and I would recommend Caroline to anyone.”

Emily Musumeci

August 2017

“Absolutely Amazing! Danielle and Fleur from P3 Recruitment were absolutely amazing to deal with. I went to P3 after several weeks of looking for the right role. They listened to what I was looking for in a role and provided sound advice and were very honest with me which I appreciated. Within a day of Visiting P3 I had an interview. I never once had to contact them for an update – they were calling me to provide feedback before I even had the chance to wonder what was happening. In a little over a week they found me the right role. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending P3 Recruitment to ANYONE looking for their next job or looking to find the right candidate. Absolutely amazing cannot sing their praises enough”

Bianca Lamey

August 2017

“You may not expect any recruiters to write long emails to you late Friday night or early Saturday morning until working with P3. Just can’t thank Fleur enough.”

Kuki Zhan

August 2017

“Such an easy experience from our first meeting to securing a position. Within a week it was done. Thanks to Caroline and Fleur for their honesty, integrity and sheer determination to make things happen.”

Shayne Miller

August 2017

“What can I say other than, a simply amazing team! Caroline took the time to understand my needs and desires right from the very start. This enabled us to move forward by only interviewing for roles that suited both employer and employee. Her availability, follow up and sheer determination to place people in the right fit for them is second to none. Not once did I ever have to follow up with P3, every single detail was accounted for and communication is exceptional. Highly recommended agency – thank you again!”

Sarah Tanti

August 2017

“Danielle works very hard for job seekers, as other people said, she is a professional, efficient, committed, friendly and honest recruiter. Although I found a job finally not through her, but I still believe she deserves 5 stars level appraisal.”

Linda Lin

August 2017

“Absolutely Amazing! Danielle and Fleur from P3 Recruitment were absolutely amazing to deal with. I went to P3 after several weeks of looking for the right role. They listened to what I was looking for in a role and provided sound advice and were very honest with me which I appreciated. Within a day of visiting P3 I had an interview. I never once had to contact them for an update – they were calling me to provide feedback before I even had the chance to wonder what was happening. In a little over a week they found me the right role. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending P3 Recruitment to ANYONE looking for their next job or looking to find the right candidate. Absolutely amazing cannot sing their praises enough.”

Bianca Lamey

August 2017

“P3 are gun recruiters. My experience was with Caroline. She has a wealth of experience, and plenty of great contacts. She knew exactly what I wanted, and gave me great advice. She got me an interview almost immediately, and I was offered a job about 1 week later at a great agency that fits me perfectly. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Nat Hush

June 2017

“Fleur Buffier is THE go-to in property recruitment! Never have I experienced such personal attention and genuine care for my career. Phenomenal communication and no time wasted on interviews that did not align with my goals. Within 2 weeks I landed my dream job and I am over the moon! Thank you Fleur for everything and most importantly just for being a gun!”

Katrina Borg

June 2017

“I was very impressed when I first met Danielle in your office. She has such a warm, helpful and kind personality. She is very professional and efficient in handling the whole process of myself securing the role as it was a great match for me and the company I am in now. Would like to say thank you Danielle for your exceptional service and your warmth.”

Rita Perez

June 2017

“With 4 weeks notice I made the move from Tasmania to Sydney, as with every move (especially interstate) I had a million and one things to do, finding a job being the priority. Danielle engaged with me early in my job search, her attentive, friendly and honest service was the best I experienced during my job hunting. She actively kept me informed of opportunities, checked in with me just to see how I was travelling along, she made me feel like a priority client when I’m sure she services many. It is with her help that I secured a position with a fantastic company. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Lily Baylis

June 2017

“Very efficient and impeccable service especially with Danielle.”

Selda Uykun

June 2017

“P3 are gun recruiters. My experience was with Caroline. She has a wealth of experience, and plenty of great contacts. She knew exactly what I wanted, and gave me great advice. She got me an interview almost immediately, and I was offered a job about 1 week later at a great agency that fits me perfectly. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Nathan Hush

June 2017

“Start to finish a brilliant experience with the P3 Team. Danielle and Fleur were thorough, insightful and provided well-developed guidance and connections in landing me a great role. P3 is categorically the recruiter of choice in the Real Estate industry.”

Michael Bates

June 2017

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank P3 for their help and support in obtaining my new role. As a recruiter P3 maintained a highly professional demeanour and was always very friendly, they have excellent communication skills and are very personable. Throughout the recruitment process they continuously offered excellent advice and support. I definitely recommend P3 highly for anyone looking for a change of employment.”

Zoe Zhang

May 2017

“Seamless management, diligent and professional. P3 worked closely with me to ensure my next role was the right fit for me. At the end of the interviewing process, I was lucky enough to receive numerous job offers, which made it difficult choosing between the fantastic opportunities P3 had organised on my behalf. Wonderful team, highly recommended.”

Samantha Smalpage

April 2017

“When Fleur first contacted me, I rejected her invitation for coffee, but she kept calling and calling. I was impressed at the time because she had the knack of being persistent without being a pest. Over a period of 13 months, Fleur finessed our relationship… and I made the move. The entire recruiting process from the very first phone call and up until settling in at the company, was managed superbly by Fleur. At any time in the future that I’m looking at expanding my own team, Fleur will be the only recruiter I’ll call.”

David Imrie

March 2017

“Dear Rebecca, thank you so much for your initiative, professionalism and assistance in finding me the perfect role. It was very much appreciated and I will definitely refer you to anyone looking for a fantastic, real recruiter.”

Lauren Hall

March 2017

“P3 = Passionate, Personable, Persistent. I can’t fathom where to start when describing how amazing this company is. Fleur and the P3 team are without a doubt the most dedicated and hardworking recruiters a job searcher or employer could hope to find. I went into their office with a bad taste in my mouth from other recruiters, who had treated me like a number and took none of my interests into account, sending me out to jobs that I had no interest in whatsoever. On the other hand Fleur and the team treated me like I was the most important client on the books (I definitely wasn’t), they would call me straight after every interview, or would call just to see if I was doing ok, or just to have a laugh. With Fleur having many years of experience in the property field, her knowledge and contacts within the industry proved to be invaluable to me, as someone entering the industry for the first time. Being relatively new to Sydney this made me feel as though I had a second support system to fall on if need be. The hours this team work are incredible, within a few minutes of sending an email I would receive a response no matter what hour of the day or day of the week. I can’t thank P3 enough for everything they did, they should truly be proud of the business they run, its so refreshing to have a company that legitimately cares about their customers and not just the end dollar value. I will honestly miss talking to Fleur daily, thanks again team for everything.”

Billy Hesketh

March 2017

“I am so lucky that Rebecca Davis found me on Seek. I got a job from the first interview she set up for me. She new exactly what I was looking for and was always encouraging and positive. Her follow up was also spot on.
I have never come across another recruitment agency where I’ve had success so quickly. If Rebecca’s effort on this occasion is anything to go by, then I would recommend anyone to get her on your side.”

Marisa Blake

March 2017

“Not enough words can explain how delightful it was to have Rebecca on my side. Rebecca has been so exceptional with her following up skills and her friendly attitude where she made my transition so stress free. From the initial conversation with Rebecca, she immediately determined and understood exactly what my intentions were and the type of new role I was after. She went above and beyond to find me a new job best suited not only for me but for my new employer given my experience. Rebecca would contact me on a regular basis, even if with nothing that I would have been interested in however was honest and presented the ‘potential’ opportunity. Rebecca, you have been such a big help and I appreciate every bit of hard work you have put into finding me my new job – I am looking forward to starting on Monday so I cannot thank you enough for your support and patience. Highly recommended!”

Anna Maria

February 2017

“Rebecca – Beyond expectations, highly recommended. I wanted to take the time to personally thank Rebecca for her all of her efforts and hard work with finding me a position that had a positive challenging culture, allowing my career to develop. I am very pleased with the confidentially, professionalism and knowledge that Rebecca had displayed. She was an absolute delight to work with, Rebecca took the time and ensured the utmost care and diligence was taken with my employment search and placement. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for having Rebecca as my recruiter. I can guarantee you she will not let you down, she will ensure and not rest until you are placed in an environment that not only matches your expectations and standards, but she will also go above and beyond to do so. I highly recommended anyone looking to pursue their dream path in real estate to ask for Rebecca from P3 Recruitment.”

Tamara Lesk

February 2017

“I had the pleasure of working with one of the consultants Emma & from the moment of meeting with her through to the signing of the contract she was professional, genuine and diligent. I have dealt with a lot of recruiters & this was by far one of the most positive experiences I have had. I would recommend this agency to any of my friends or colleagues. Thanks for all your help P3 Recruitment!”

Renee La Rue

January 2017

“Emma is the most outstanding recruiter I have ever had the pleasure of using. She’s friendly, she actually listens to your needs and offers honest advice. Emma is very trustworthy and you know she’s looking out for your best interests. Thank you very much Emma for finding me the perfect role! Would highly recommend P3, Emma especially. I can’t thank you enough.”

Natalie Henderson

January 2017

“It was an absolute pleasure working with P3. They are so friendly and personable and really listened to what I wanted in my next position. They made every effort to find the best fit for me and really care about the outcome. It has been the best experience I’ve ever had in recruitment and I refer anyone and everyone looking for a change to Fleur all the time. P3 truly understand and care. Thank you for all your help and support.”

Amanda Tantzaris

January 2017

“Really friendly staff they had a quality approach.”

Bryon Van Gisborne

December 2016

“I found Emma and P3 in a time where I was completely changing career paths, which at the best of times can be intimidating and a little bit scary. Emma was an absolute pleasure to work with, as she was always extremely generous with her time, very approachable and made me feel comfortable with her and the recruitment process from the very beginning. Her willingness to go above and beyond, regular check in’s and professional manner is what I found most wonderful about the whole experience with Emma and the team at P3. I’ve had such a positive experience with the entire P3 team and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services for potential candidates in the future. Emma, Thank you so much for all your invaluable support and confident in me throughout this time, and thank you for helping to place me in such an amazing role to kick start my career.”

Jacquie Nolan

December 2016

“Emma is a highly professional and dedicated individual. I have no hesitations in promoting her services to people in need of work but also to employers, as her level of service goes above and beyond. She provided help and support from start to finish and kept me well informed throughout the whole process.

Again I thank you for your efforts and will definitely be in touch when the time is right!”

John Zavlikaris

November 2016

“My move to Sydney looked to have a daunting beginning. I was extremely nervous about how to go about finding the right job for me. Emma was simply amazing at calming my nerves. From that first simple phone call to have a quick chat, I could see that I was dealing with someone who was extremely thorough and committed to helping me.

She broke down exactly what it was that I was looking for through a facetime call since I was in Canberra and then a face to face meeting a week later with herself and the P3 team. Then in a matter of hours had already put me in a position to meet with 5 potential employers!

A quick phone call after each interview gave me a chance to de-brief and collect my thoughts as well as take on board her advice, and eventually ended up with an ideal team that I feel suited me perfectly.

I have no doubt that Emma did a fantastic job on both sides of the transaction, I felt well informed and also had complete faith in her polishing off the finer details. She was even happy to go back and forth with the little questions I had with my final contract.

I would, without hesitation, recommend anyone looking for a position or that has a position available across Sydney to have a chat with Emma so that you can feel comfortable knowing that she is doing everything possible to ensure that both sides are well informed and happy with the final result. Emma, I can’t thank you enough.”

Jackson Cox

October 2016

“You could not get a more professional and personal agency than P3 Recruitment. I was with several agencies whilst looking for employment and Caroline from P3 was the only one who constantly contacted me, helped me with feedback and who got me interviews when nobody else could. Highly recommend to anyone looking for work or any Employer looking for an agency for recruitment. A++++++ service.”

Amba Passau

September 2016

“I would like to take this time to thanks P3 team specially Caroline and Teresa for helping me to secure a job, the experience with them has been awesome since the day I emailed my resume they have been in contact with me every day, I gotta say I have got the best job opportunity all thanks to them.”

Melissa Rocha

September 2016

“The team at P3 were brilliant to work with. Their professionalism and delivery exceeded my expectations and what I loved most about them is that they actually listened to what I was looking for. They were able to align me an opportunity that matched my needs and I would highly recommend anyone in the real estate space to these guys.”

Jordan Cole

September 2016

“Caroline & Fleur always deliver results, from an applicant perspective and an employers they are truly a pleasure to work with and understand the conversation and detail required to deliver an effective outcome. Do yourself a favour and speak to them when you’re next in the Real Estate job market.”

Chris Orr

August 2016

“Hi Fleur Buffier, I appreciate the time you and your team invested to help secure the perfect opportunity for me. Thank you and it was my pleasure working with such a professional and enthusiastic team.”

Chris Hart

August 2016

“I cannot speak highly enough about Emma & Fleur from P3 Recruitment!! From the moment my email with my resume was received they have kept me informed and welcomed throughout the whole process. Even when one consultant went on annual leave the other picked up my file like I was one of their own clients. Thank you for making me feel so amazing through the whole process of changing industries! Anyone looking for a role in Real Estate or Agencies looking for employees – look no further then this recruitment agency.”

Nicole Ball

August 2016

“I would like to say a enormous thank-you to the team at P3 Recruitment, in particular to Teresa for all of her great support in helping me secure a new job. She has always been very professional, efficient and lovely chatting to. With her positive attitude she has lead me to a great property management position within a well known agency close to home. She considered all my wants and what was best for me and definitely achieved in helping me reach my goal to further my career in real estate. Not only was Teresa very efficient, she was always very positive and gave me great advice which made the process of finding a new job very stress less and enjoyable. It has definitely been a great pleasure dealing with the team at P3 Recruitment and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for work within the Real Estate Industry.”

Christiana Borg

June 2016

“I can’t recommend Emma and the team at P3 Recruitment enough. Emma takes a genuine interest in finding a position which is best suited to you and I can’t thank her enough for placing me in my dream position within a week and a half! I was constantly kept updated with any news and all questions and phone calls were returned promptly. I found Emma’s friendly, supportive and professional service a huge comfort throughout the job search process. I can’t wait to start my new role tomorrow. Thank you!”

Tayla Myers

June 2016

“Dear Rebecca and Fleur,
I wanted to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for the time and effort made in recently placing me with such a wonderful employer. P3 changed the mindset that I had previously held of recruiters, as I felt a genuine and personal interest from you both towards my career. Fleur used her knowledge and expertise to recognise my skills and qualification and the value that I could add to an employer. I was provided unbiased career advice and where I could fit in the Australian market. P3 knew which employers to pitch me to due to their strong professional contacts, that would also provide me career growth and satisfaction. Rebecca communicated regularly with me during the process to provide me information about the Managing Director, company and role as well as feedback post interview. This resulted in a great offer and essentially a dream job! I would not hesitate to recommend employers and employees looking for their next opportunity to use P3 for their property recruitment needs due to the extensive knowledge and personal touch of which I experienced.”

Mia Jones

June 2016

“I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at P3, in particular, Teresa for all your great professional efforts in helping myself seek job opportunities within the property management field. You have been very prompt and sweet in keeping me updated with what was available and in saying that – I recommend P3 recruitment to anyone that wants to find a secure job! Lovely hard working team.”

Rita Milan

May 2016

“I would love to say a very big THANK YOU to Rebecca and Fleur for their professionalism. I’m so impressed by Rebecca’s work ethic and efficiency. She fully committed to working hard and was determined to find me a suitable role. Thank you Rebecca! You found my future and I will never forget about you and P3 recruitment when I succeed in the future.”

Ken Miyagawa

May 2016

“An experience which overwhelmed me in how hard the women at P3 work. I thank every single one of you for making my transition possible and seamless. I would like to say a special thanks to Teresa in pushing the limits. Again P3 I commend you all.”

David Mance

May 2016

“Hi Fleur, just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you to you and the whole P3 team for your time and effort helping me move into the next chapter of my career. After being in one job for almost 10 years it is a daunting exercise to explore different options and I must say that you made the whole process very seamless. The constant communication with news and more importantly the constant communication when you didn’t have news was very reassuring and had me at ease throughout the hole process. Thank you again and I will be singing your Praises from the roof tops.”

Scott Dolce

May 2016

“Dear Rebecca
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your over and above expectation service, with view to assisting me to move on with my career.
Embarking on seeking a career change has been a most enlightening experience when comparing internal company recruitment and being interviewed by a well skilled recruitment agency. Over the last 12 years I have worked for 3 companies and moved from one job to the next by being head hunted. As this has been the first time I have applied for positions in that time frame – the experience for the most part was appalling and totally unprofessional. Internal recruitment by companies who believe they have the required recruitment skills leaves much to be desired. The lack of professionalism and good manners ensured that many of the companies I interviewed with were not companies I wanted to work for. It highlights the that many employers lose invaluable skilled employees through their poor recruitment skills. Your follow up, investigative background skills and professionalism ensured that I felt sure I was dealing with someone who had the right skill set to match me with the right employer. I will certainly refer your company onto my network of contacts going forward. Whilst I ended up securing employment in my own right, it has highlighted the huge need for companies to secure professional recruitment companies and not hire internally. The cost to these companies must be enormous in the long term, as getting recruitment wrong because of handling the recruitment process poorly in the first instance also increases HR issues. I see a huge opportunity for recruitment companies in the future by targeting all companies who recruit internally when they ask them “Has the cost of recruiting internally covered the cost and time of having and external party with all the right training find the right fit for your company?’. I am sure that every company would compare the cost to the company and soon realise that recruitment specialists SAVE them money and time.
In appreciation.”

Rosemarie Morehead

March 2016

“I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at P3 Recruitment for helping me secure my new Property Management role. Caroline & Teresa were my main points of contact and they were both amazing, professional and pleasant. They would keep me updated even if there was no real update. They were very supportive especially considering I was applying for a role in a new area & they only put me forward for roles where the environment would match my personality. I have been in the role for 1.5 months now and absolutely love it! Thank you again.”

Sophie Longbottom

March 2016

“Excellent customer service. I moved to Sydney two and a half months ago, and have been looking for job for a while. With no luck on my behalf, they contacted me. I met with them they were very friendly and helped me out a lot. With in three days of meeting with them I landed an interview and gained a job, which I start next Monday. Super excited! Thank you so much for your service.”

Stephanie Martin

March 2016

“My experience with the P3 team has been incredible! From first point of contact they gave valuable advice and direction and understood what sort of job I was looking for. They were fast working and got me an interview the next day after meeting with them. Their professionalism was like no other and were always contactable and approachable with any questions that I had. I am thoroughly impressed and would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable recruitment agency.”

Madeleine Giorgio

February 2016

“Teresa is an enterprising, diligent and supportive Recruiter. She goes beyond the boundaries to ensure successful placements. Her attention to details is above all others. I would be happy to recommend Teresa to Businesses and Applicants.”

Anne Marie Kavanagah

February 2016

“Dear Caroline, Firstly, I want to thank you for your support, guidance and encouragement throughout the  last few  months. Your time to arrange appointments and encourage me to explore some  other avenue’s when  I wasn’t entirely sure about where I was wanting my career path to head was  greatly appreciated. You continuously kept in contact with me to see how things were going and offered support. You were the  only  person I felt comfortable in seeking another position through to progress in my career. Not only did you promptly arrange appointments for me, you followed up as you said you would and delivered an amazing customer service to myself.  I honestly have to say that  without your encouragement and support I may not have taken the step to  move forward as quickly as I did. As I have now secured employment via your company I could not be  happier. I  am  looking  forward to my new position and feel that you really made sure the position was suitable to my needs, lifestyle and skill set as well as myself being the right person for the employer. I hope to be in this position for a long period of time. I cannot recommend  yourself and the rest of P3 Recruitment enough, I commend the team and yourself for your professionalism and  believe you are compassionate and truly  care  about your clients. Once again I thank you for your assistance in enabling  myself to secure a position that is  right for  my personal and professional future.”

Megan Moss

February 2016

“I have been in contact with Rebecca from P3 recruitment for a few months. Having met with a few recruiters over the years, I can definitely say that I have had a 6 star experience. Rebecca completely understood the brief I gave her. She understood the exact role I was seeking, the type of team I’d like to work with and the time frame of which I wanted to be moved by. Rebecca delivered on the brief and prepared me as to what to expect upon interviewing her client. What was most refreshing about working with Rebecca was the level of communication she provided through out the process. There was never a moment I was left in the dark, always keeping me updated with any new roles that may suit as well as efficiently finalizing everything once she had placed me in my perfect role. I highly recommend Rebecca Davis to job seekers and employers, as she will get the job done efficiently, professionally and with a level a communication that you are comfortable with.”

Keelan Scott

February 2016

“Worked closely with Caroline and Teresa for a few months. I am very fussy and the girls really searched to find the perfect position for me. So happy with where they have moved me. Special thanks to Teresa for all of her hard work for me! SO appreciative.”

Melissa Henricks

February 2016

“P3 is really great because they took the time to get to know me before they put me forward for a position that suited my skills and personality. The whole process is simple, quick and stress free with good result. My recruitment consultant Teresa McDonald is consistently responsive, knowledgeable and forthright, all of these make working with her a delight.They also regularly call me just to catch up and check on how I am getting on, dealing with any concerns I have immediately. I feel very lucky to have the professional support of P3 recruitment, and I will recommend them to candidates in the market.”

Lynn Wang

January 2016

“Writing a review for P3 Recruitment is the least I can do today. Caroline and Teresa not only restored faith and confidence in myself, they recognised my abilities, skills, and my passion. Through their knowledge of the industry and ability to understand both myself and the clients needs by truly listening they put me forward for positions they thought would be the most appropriate and rewarding. As a result I am very excited to say that I have been successful in securing an exciting position which will allow me to not only grow but recognises my strengths and are excited to utilise them which is exactly what I was looking for. Communication and feedback with these guys is amazing and there was not a day that went by without a phone call. I am truly grateful that I came across P3 as I felt that they had my best interest at heart. Thank you thank thank you…I really feel that P3 Recruitment are successful in what they do because they truly care. and I cannot thank them enough!!!”

Michelle Austin

December 2015

“After feeling disconnected from the Real Estate Industry after a bad experience with another agency, I applied for a job at Raine and Horne in Parramatta.
Dealing with Caroline and Teresa, they made sure they listened to what I wanted, and paired me with who was best.
Not only was the service amazing, but they landed me in an amazing agency (Raine and Horne Parramatta) who care about their staff and what they want to achieve.
Only P3 Recruitment can help you get you where you want top go and the staff there are more than happy to help you along the way!
Even the post placement service is amazing!! 10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone looking for work in the Real Estate field!”

Sam Toohey

December 2015

“When I think back on my experience with P3, Fleur and the team I feel truly lucky that I had such a tenacious, driven and supportive group of people behind me, with a primary focus being to secure me the job of my dreams. What I noticed above all else was that they really took the time to get to know me as a person, and understand what my long and short term goals were career wise. Early this year they introduced me to the Team at Di Jones Real Estate, and I sincerely could not be happier. I owe so much to Fleur and the girls, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to further their career, or simply to start a fresh.”

Astrid Joarder

December 2015

“As like other reviews, I had a negative perspective about recruitment agencies, because they’d showed no interest in me as an individual and they’ve never supported me to grow as a professional if I didn’t fit their profile. Instead, Teresa MacDonald has clearly pin pointed what I need to do and how I can achieve my goals and gain my dream job and I am forever thankful. She is amazing and very supportive.”

Paria Parsa

December 2015

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Caroline at P3 Recruitment for her professional and approachable nature in assisting me to find suitable employment. I have had several dealings with recruiters, however Caroline was by far the best. Searching for jobs can be a daunting task, However at all times she was understanding of my needs and was diligent and showed true knowledge of the industry. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to any potential employer or employee, she is truly a delight to deal with!”

Michelle Austin

December 2015

“Fantastic service. I’ve dealt with many companies over the years; not only is this agency proactive about finding jobs, they have all the best ones.”

Gino Romeo

November 2015

“In an industry full of wannabes, you girls by far stand out from the rest.
Moving job is considered one of the most stressful times in your life. The P3 team has shown me constant support and helped me every step of the way.
I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to work alongside on of Australia’s best agents and no words will ever amount to how grateful I am to you all for your support through this whole process.
I love my new job and I am very grateful for you helping me find my dream role.
Thank you so much!”

Imogen Ball

November 2015

“I couldn’t speak highly enough of Rebecca and all of the girls at P3. Having never lived or worked in Sydney before, everything was fairly daunting for me so having such a committed recruiter working to place me in a role made the process so much easier. The communication and service level Rebecca delivered was of the highest calibre I have ever come across. The girls took the time to really understand what kind of career opportunity I was seeking and presented me with a range of options, one of which eventuated to be my amazing new role. Thank you P3 – you truly are amazing at what you do!”

Emily Hoogerwerf

November 2015

“Thank you so much to the P3 team for helping me find an amazing job opportunity. You were all so helpful and efficient, and I appreciate all you have done! Can’t thank you all enough!”

Erica Elzein

November 2015

“Impeccable service by industry experienced and proactive recruitment professionals!”

Cassie McCulloch

October 2015

Honest, professional, exceptional, dedicated, brilliant…these are the words that come to mind when I think of P3 recruitment. Their credibility is very strong in the real estate industry but more importantly their credibility as humans is even stronger. I can’t even begin to describe the level of gratitude that I feel towards Fleur and Rebecca for organising my dream job for me whilst I was holidaying in Alaska. Everything was organised at the speed of light! Fleur and Rebecca organised a Skype session for me when I was on cruise boat in Alaska. In fact, whilst speaking to my new and amazing boss there were glaciers in the background. This just shows you the lengths that Fleur and her team will go to for you as a candidate or client. They LOVE their jobs and are always in contact with you whether its 6:00am or 10:00pm. The dedication of these amazing ladies who put their heart and soul in what they do is unheard of. What I truly appreciate about Fleur and Rebecca is that they truly listen to you and are always 10 steps ahead. I personally, have never seen a recruitment company that run at such a high level of efficiency or professionalism like P3. They are a great team who run like a well oiled machine. I have know Fleur for a number of years and not only do I have the utmost respect for her as a strong and savvy businesswoman but as a wonderful person who truly cares. She is a trusted adviser and if you would have to out of your mind to work with anyone else!”

Taylor Law

October 2015

“I just want to say thank you so much to Caroline for giving me this opportunity and for making it all a smooth and enjoyable process. From day one she knew what I wanted and what would suit me. I would definitely refer anyone to her! I am loving my new job and the team especially! Thank you so much.”

Sahar Mokhtar

March 2015

“My experience with Caroline at P3 Recruitment has been nothing less than AMAZING! From the first time we sat down to discuss my options for employment till now, she has shown me the most support and a genuine sense of caring that I have experienced with any recruitment agencies.
After our first meeting she immediately set up an interview with a real estate agency for 1pm that afternoon. Both before and after the interview I received a phone call and text wishing me luck and wanting to know how the interview had gone. She was very open and honest about her opinions and also was just as ecstatic as I was to find out that I had gotten the job.
Caroline has been an incredible help and an asset to P3 Recruitment! Thank you so much for all your help, support and landing me a job with a well-known real estate agency.
I would highly recommend P3 recruitment to anyone looking for a career and have already passed on their details to current job seekers.”

Enisa Cuturich

February 2015

“This is a letter in great favour of Fleur, Rebecca and the rest of the team at P3 Recruitment. In September I commenced my job search after 2 years abroad; P3 was proactive and efficient interviewing me via Skype initially before I even landed in Australia. Once I did arrive in Australia they conducted another face to face interview and made sure they knew my skill set and exactly what I was looking for in a future employer. Fleur and Rebecca where full of energy, enthusiasm and acted right away to help me find my next role, I was always consulted if my details where going to be given out to potential employers and there was never any pressure around me declining the wish to do so should I not see a potential fit with a company. When interviews arose the process was smooth and seamless between myself, the potential employer and P3. P3 have now secured me my dream role and the whole process was seamless, the communication was clear and informative from start to finish. I can’t recommend P3 highly enough!”

Alecia Hodge

December 2014

“I first met Fleur from P3 Recruitment in 2007 when one of her clients were seeking new staff for a new business. Upon my first meeting I found her to be very professional, dedicated, warm and extremely easy to talk to and get along with. Her constant follow up and manner made me feel that she truly had my best interests at heart. I dealt with Fleur again at the end of 2014 in which again I was privileged to have the same work ethic and personality displayed. She truly has her clients interests at heart and you are not made to feel just a number or part of a process. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to any employer or employee wanting to be simply looked after and made to feel comfortable throughout the process. I will be definitely using her services again this year Thank you once again Fleur for all your guidance, wisdom and support over the last 8 years.”

Glenn Hayden

October 2014

“Thank you very much Caroline in helping me find a job moments after completing the Real Estate Certificate, I must say I was not expecting P3 to work so fast as to have job interviews lined up for me the next day but it was brilliant and very professional.  Caroline’s communication skills were first class with daily calls before and after each interview and even follow-up checks after I was successful for the job.
I would recommend your services to anyone that needs a job in Real Estate, it was a great experience, and I’m glad that I decided to go through P3 and not anyone else.”

Jourdan Love

February 2013

“I couldn’t recommend Caroline and the rest of the team at P3 Recruitment highly enough.  From our initial contact to the point where I was offered my dream starting job, the constant feedback was nothing short of phenomenal.
Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for employment in the property or real estate industry.”

Joshua Heffernan

December 2012

“My entire experience with Fleur and Rebecca at P3 has been incredible to say the least. Not only did they listen to, and understand my career choices and intentions, they provided valuable advice and direction, enabling me to land my dream job, as well as the opportunity to be part of a fantastic team. I truly believe their astute assessment of candidates coupled with their honest and forthright manner and in depth industry knowledge enable them to match up roles, companies and personalities to form dynamic teams for their clients. I am completely indebted to them and recommend their services without reservation.”

Cara Nitsche

December 2012

“Fleur first approached me about a role in 2003 and her persistence in establishing a relationship with me and the follow-up certainly impressed me. I was concerned about confidentiality back then and can tell you that her discretion both then and now is absolute. I subsequently started talking to her about a move and she presented an array of options but certainly knew the ones where I would be the best ‘fit’. She displayed the highest level of professionalism and certainly helped me negotiate a deal which was beneficial to all concerned. The move was the best I have made and I would never have thought of it without her. Previous to being in the real estate industry I worked in the corporate world and had had extensive dealings with recruitment consultants. I can state without a doubt that Fleur has surpassed them all in every way. The best indication about how I feel is that since being placed by her I have referred quite a number of people to her in every aspect of the business – property management, sales support and sales. She has given them solid impartial advice and tells it like it is.”

Walter Burfitt-Williams

December 2012

“This is the best job-hunting experience I’ve ever had in my life. Teresa helped me to find a fantastic job in just 7 days. Teresa thinks positively and shows genuine care to job hunters. She was the first recruiter to call me for an interview. After having the interview with Teresa, I felt more confident because she found my strength and potential, and gave me a lot of encouragement. On the same day before I had the interview with my new employer, Teresa called me and tested me about how well I prepared for the interview, which was really helpful to me. She also pointed out the best thing that she enjoyed when having interview with me.
On that day, I was very confident and I got that job straight away. What amazed me was that my salary package was $16k above my expected salary. She’s an amazing recruiter, and I recommend her to everyone.”

Vincent Lee

“I have had such a great experience dealing with P3 recruitment and in particular with Caroline Stark. From the day we met she made me feel confident that she would help me find a role that was best suited to my experience. Caroline has gone above and beyond my expectations and quickly secured me a fabulous role with a reputable company. I highly recommend P3 Recruitment for anyone needing help to take the next step in their career.”


“I want to thank Rebecca for assisting me in finding and securing my new position. I have always found her to be exceptionally professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. Job hunting can be a very stressful and time consuming, but she made it feel like it was effortless. I will not hesitate to recommend her and P3’s services to both employers and potential candidates in the future.”


“I am so glad that a friend of mine referred P3 to me. They are a lovely team of extremely diligent recruiters. I first spoke to Teresa from P3, who I spoke to on the phone, then went to meet the following day. Teresa sat me down and asked me questions regarding what my current role is, what I am hoping to achieve and where do I see myself down the track. The difference that I found with P3 as opposed to other recruiters, is that they did not send me to interviews that were not suitable for me. They sent me to two interviews, and out of the two, I received an offer. I definitely recommend P3 to any job seeker and employer. Caroline, Teresa and the rest of the P3 team will not waste your time, but will give you results!”


“Having left an industry that I worked for the last 20-years, I was reticent in the response I would glean from a recruiter in the real estate industry. I am very glad to say that I was welcomed warmly and from the get-go, had a very professional first interview with Caroline at P3 Recruitment which gave me the confidence in achieving a role in a new industry. There was no judgement or doubt about my suitability which allay my fears due to my time in another career and my age. It was refreshing how step-by-step the interview process took place with my now new employer and how I was kept up to date. It was not a churn and burn scenario but a strategic placement. I did not feel that I had to approach another recruiter and in just over a week, I was successfully appointed. It was a pleasure to have dealt with all the staff at P3 Recruitment – including Rebecca who was always pleasant on the phone and passed on the information left with her – all just a delight. I would encourage any real estate agency and prospective employee to contact them.”

Jill Smith

“Caroline and the team at P3 have been a pleasure to work with. Through out the process Caroline kept me up to date and well informed. She is reliable and diligent. I would work with Caroline again”.


“Caroline at P3 Recruitment provided me with an excellent and seamless experience through the recruitment process. P3 Recruitment worked around the clock to make sure that the positions that i was being put forward for suited me and my career path. I was impressed with their efficiency and quick turn around times for organising interviews, their constant communication and the fact that they cared about me and my career. I would recommend P3 Recruitment to anyone looking for employment in the Real estate industry, they will definitely take care of you.”


“After meeting you in my search for a new role interstate and then utilising your services to recruit staff for my team, I feel compelled to write and compliment you on your service levels, integrity and professionalism.
After working in the real estate industry as an agent and then at corporate level, I have dealt with many recruiters and have been continually disappointed. That is, until I met P3. The consultants at P3 spent the time to get to know me as a person, listened to my criteria, constantly kept me informed during the process and ultimately secured me a fantastic new role. In my current role as Sales Manager, I have also utilised P3’s services to recruit staff for my team. P3 are by far the fastest and most efficient recruiters that I have worked with. They understand the business and the roles they recruit for and also take into account cultural fit. I would highly recommend any job seeker or employer to use P3 if you want the best service in real estate recruitment.”