When putting together your resume, remember: first impressions last. This is your one chance to impress a potential employer, so it’s imperative you capture their attention, and show them you have the ability to do the job.

Be honest and straightforward, and set out clearly in reverse chronological order your educational achievements, career experience, and skills. And don’t forget to include your references.

But remember, it’s not sufficient to just state the positions and responsibilities that you’ve held. It’s vital to illustrate how well you have carried out this work through your list of achievements. Your achievements will demonstrate how you have ‘added value’ to an organisation.

The golden rule? Keep your resume relevant, brief and to the point. Only expand upon areas of experience that prove you’re able to fulfil the offered role.

And one final tip – make sure the material is presented in a clear, attractive way – and don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar! These mistakes can be the difference between getting the interview and not. When an employer sees a resume dotted with mistakes, it’s natural for them to think ‘If you couldn’t make the effort to get your own CV right, what sort of effort will you put into my company?’